Why We Give

Those who call Living Word Church their “home” church regularly give a tithe to the Lord. The word “tithe” means “tenth” and it is a way of honoring God with the first 10% of our income. In addition, we give offerings to the Lord. General offerings are the most helpful to our ministry as the leadership can direct them to the place of greatest impact. However, some are led by the Lord to give into a particular area. Whether you want to give your tithes and offerings, or make a donation to missions or another specific area of ministry, you’ve come to the right page. When you make a donation to Living Word Church, you can be certain your funds are being sown into good ground that produces a harvest for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, both locally and globally. Your gift to support this ministry financially enables us to reach the world for Jesus.

Thanks for your faithfulness in giving!

We have a new giving platform!

Did you know that every time you give money digitally to our church, we lose a percentage of that gift to fees? Adding up the fees, we spend several thousand dollars each year in giving fees alone! However, we've recently discovered a new giving platform that will help save on fees associated with digital giving so that we can be better stewards of your gifts. RebelGive partners with the giver to cover the processing fees so that 100% of the intended gift is given to the church. Unlike most other church giving providers, RebelGive doesn’t inflate fees to keep a portion for themselves, so their processing fee is the lowest in the industry. What this means is that, by choosing to use this platform, you can have the convenience of giving online, while still allowing LWC to receive 100% of your generous gifts!

When you give using this new platform, there are a couple of options to give.

1. Give online with your credit or debit card. A 1.9% convenience fee will be added to your gift.

2. Give online with your bank account. A flat-rate fee of $0.25 will be added to your gift - no matter the size of your gift.

How to give:

It's now easier than ever to give. Just click the giving icon at the bottom right corner of your screen on any page of thelovingchurch.com and follow the GivingFlow prompts. Create an account to save your giving information and download giving reports. *Please note that you need to create an account and add your first and last name to your account info to guarantee that your giving will be reflected on your end of the year giving report provided by LWC. If you have any questions or difficulty with your account, email lwc@thelovingchurch.com or see Jessica Howell for assistance.

Giving Flow Instructions.png

Is online giving secure?


  •  Our new digital giving platform, RebelGive, uses 256-bit encryption (which is the same level as every major bank) and our GivingFlows use secure tokens so that givers' information is protected. In layman's terms, RebelGive is compliant with the strictest standards governing the processing of electronic payments.

  • Also, if you choose to give via bank account and sign in to your bank account using Plaid, you'll take advantage of their secure system which is trusted by JPMorgan Chase, Citi, American Express, Venmo, Wealthsimple and others. Don't worry—your credentials will never be made accessible to us at Living Word, to anyone at RebelGive, or to any other linked applications. Learn more about Plaid here.

  • Lastly, giving online is often MORE secure than giving via check as checks have account numbers and routing numbers printed directly on them on display for all to see.