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Special Debut Showing: It's Only Cookie Dough

On Saturday, March 25th at 7:00PM, we will have special guest George Otis Jr. here for a special showing of his newest documentary. George Otis Jr. is the founder and president of the Sentinel Group, a Christian research, media, and training agency focused on transforming revival. Best known as the producer of the award-winning Transformations documentaries, a series viewed by an estimated 200 million people in 175 nations, George has also authored six books. He frequently speaks at international conferences, and is chief architect of The Journey to Transformation, a thorough revival preparation and maintenance process for communities desiring societal transformation. 

See the following excerpt from the Sentinel Group website about the transformation that took place in Lynch, Kentucky:

"A community bathed in mist & shadow on the woody margins of Harlan County. A town where 10,000 people once gathered from around the world to extract high quality coal from seams underneath Black Mountain. A mining operation that set world records, and fueled wartime steel production. But it was not to last. Another war set in ... the war on coal. Decisions made from afar devastated Appalachia, putting thousands of men out of work. As the drills, conveyors, and whistles went silent, community porches and meal tables were emptied of life. Christmas lights blinked out, and summer parades were no more. In time, the community's complexion was marred by rusting mine equipment, broken windows, and collapsed roofs. Drugs and rain seeped in, whole hope for the future seemed to trickle out on the silt-laden waters of Looney Creek. Only it didn't. Just when Lynch's story looked like it was ending, things started to get interesting. Behind the scenes, a handful of desperate prayer warriors would not let go. It all started with faith, and a little cookie dough."


Watch the documentary trailer below!

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