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First Fruits Month

The month of January is First Fruits month. Come join us as we dedicate ourselves to the Lord in 2017. There will be a special focus for each week with an opportunity for practical application.

Week 1 Focus: Fasting & Prayer. (January 1-8)

***We had a great week of fasting and prayer, marked by powerful words for the new year, and grace, healing, and breakthrough! We cannot wait to see what God has in store for the rest of our First Fruits month as we dedicate ourselves afresh to Him.

Week 2 Focus: Giving of Time & Resources (January 8-13)

The focus for week 2 was giving our time and resource. During our Sunday morning service, representatives from several local outreaches that we partner with shared about what God is doing in their ministries. It was wonderful to hear what God is doing in the city and the region through these local outreach centers!

Week 3 Focus: Missions (January 13-21)

The focus for week 3 was partnering with what God is doing in the earth. During our Sunday morning service, we had a powerful time of ministry as Marcelo Gonzales of Amigos Del Tren and George and Phyllis Crispi of Sure Foundation shared about what God has been doing in and through their ministries. God is advancing His kingdom all over the earth and we have the amazing opportunity to partner with Him!

Week 4 Focus: Thanksgiving/Appreciation (January 22-26)

There are many who are giving their best throughout the year in our community. This week we would like to show our appreciation and honor to those who serve. We will be targeting specific organizations or groups in public service to show appreciation, thanks, and honor in practical ways. Honoring those giving their best is a way to appreciate the First Fruits others are giving and prepare for increase in our local body.  

We will be writing cards with notes of encouragement for each officer in the police department, as well as providing a catered meal for them, as well as planning a practical way to bless our First Responders. You can get involved by writing a card to an officer or donating funds. If you are writing a cards to the officers, please remember that these cards are due back this Sunday! The cards can be dropped off at the First Fruits table by the main entrance.

Week 5 Focus: Worship (January 27-29)

Worship is a first fruit offering offered with heart, soul and body. We will have two Worship Nights on Friday & Saturday, January 27-28, at 7:00pm with our LWC Worship teams. On Saturday night, Apostle Frank Harvey and his wife Shirley will be joining us, and He be sharing the Word with us.

*Special Note: Apostle Frank Harvey and his wife Shirley will be joining us both January 28th for our 2nd Worship Night and in the Sunday morning service on January 29th as we finish up our First Fruits month. Make sure to mark your calendars!


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