The Power of Faith, by Darrell Martin

Over the last few weeks, my family has been studying faith together: what it is, what it is not, how it comes, and how you release it. We have learned that faith works as you believe God’s Word in the very core of your being and speak God’s Word without doubting it.

So often, we get caught speaking words that are in direct opposition to God’s Word, and as a result, God’s Word has no effect in our circumstances. In short, I believe this is because we don’t understand the power that is in our words. To shed greater light on this and to increase our understanding, I’d like to share a revelation with you that I recently received as we were studying faith. 

In Genesis 1:26-28, we see that man was “made” in the image of the Trinity. Everything else was spoken into existence but man was made, “formed” by the hands of God. (Genesis 2:7)

As I read this in scripture, I suddenly became aware that God, instead of speaking man into existence, laid His hands on the earth and formed the man. I was then reminded of the many scriptures that speak of using the hands for impartation. 2 Timothy 1:6 and James 5:14-15 are two examples of this. As I began to see this, I realized that God, who was filled with faith, used his hands to impart HIS nature and HIS faith into the man He was creating. He then breathed the breath of life into the man. He gave the man His Spirit! What a picture of redemption and the infilling of the Holy Spirit in us!

Because of this, a redeemed, born again believer has the very nature of God in him, in the person of the Holy Spirit. We also have the ability, just like God, to speak in faith, in agreement with the Word of God and see our words begin to manifest and materialize in the natural realm. This applies to healing, deliverance, prosperity and every area of our lives. 

Mark 11:22-24 is a clear, scriptural picture of this truth. The story really started earlier in this passage when Jesus cursed the fig tree. The next day, His disciples were amazed that the fig tree had withered and died. Jesus then began to explain that God’s faith worked by believing and speaking, with the complete absence of doubt, that what He said would happen. The interesting thing is that He didn’t use the fig tree as an example. He really went big and used a mountain instead. I believe He was trying to teach us that the size of the object was not the issue. Real faith works in every circumstance, every time. 

This raises the question, what if I have doubts? The truth is that as you step out and believe God, you will have opposition. It comes from many places: friends, family, people in your church, doctors, etc . . . but it all originates with the devil, who does not want you to learn this principle of faith because when you do, it puts an end to his ability to wreak havoc in your life. You cannot stop doubtful thoughts, which often come as what seem to be legitimate questions, but you can refuse to give them a place of occupation in your mind. Every time these doubts come up, you have to counter them with the truth of God’s Word, and make His word your area of meditation. 

Faith, as it is exercised, becomes stronger and pushes out doubt. 

There is MUCH more to be said on this subject. I hope what I’ve said here will stir a hunger in you that will lead you to dig into God’s Word and see for yourself why real, biblical faith is so important and powerful in a believer’s life.