Betty Blackwell

Another Angle on Perception, by Betty Blackwell

God is. God is faithful. God is interested in me. He is also interested in you. Every experience is a step in the pathway to a priceless relationship with God even when it is hard, even when it hurts, even when we fail, fall, or royally mess up. Save the memories and see how God moves you along toward Him.

Therefore I Intercede, by Betty Blackwell

I have been thinking about my original experience of becoming a Christian lately. Especially on the days when my heart is squeezing with painful yearning to see the people I love delivered from the destructive paths they seem determined to walk. Those times make me think there is a lone howling wolf caged inside of me. The longing, the yearning, the desperate cry for their lives to be spared comes out in this keening, mournful cry from the very depths of my soul.

He is There, by Betty Blackwell

Yesterday during praise and worship we sang a song with the words, “This is my confidence He has never failed me yet. . .”

I wish I had a record button to instantly record the things I see. In thinking about these words as I sang them, I began to laugh because my confidence in God and who He is has been formed by the things I have experienced.