Sacred Moments, by Jessica Howell

Does the Lord ever speak to you through a song? He does to me quite frequently, possibly because I consistently am listening to music, or have a tune of some sort going through my head. This fall, there has been a particular theme stirring in my heart, and it was sparked from a conversation I had with the Lord over the song Every Table is an Altar by the worship band, Bread & Wine.

The song's lyrics center on the idea that every moment is precious, full of purpose and destiny, thus we should stop and take notice, being fully awakened to the moments in our lives that heaven is crafting. As I drove to work one morning, with the song playing in the background, I sensed Holy Spirit whispering to my heart, “Stop and take notice of the sacred moments I am bringing to you today. Don’t let them pass you by.” As I mulled that over, I was struck by how often my day is consumed with meetings, task lists, errands, and the like . . . how even the in-between moments or down time with friends and family get caught up in the thinking ahead to the next task. How often do I stop to find enjoyment in the moment that I’m in? How often do I ask Holy Spirit what He has to say to the people I encounter throughout my day? Not often enough. 

As I sat in the church parking lot, processing this moment in which heaven stepped into my morning and pulled me out of my normal mundane drive to work, I realized the song had changed while I sat engrossed in my own thoughts, and a new lyric reached out to grip my heart: “Everything is sacred if you can see with eyes of love. Every moment is sacred if you can see with eyes of love . . . every encounter with a stranger or a friend is sacred through the eyes of love” (Never Met a Father, Bread & Wine). Throughout the day, I couldn’t get those lyrics out of my mind, and if I’m being honest, I was feeling a little chastised, thinking something along the lines of, “I don’t see people like God does . . . I’m too caught up in myself to take notice. Why do I do that? How do I fix that?” But then I realized I had missed the point entirely. Papa God wasn’t seeking to chastise me for a misdeed or tell me I had missed the mark. Instead, He was extending an invitation given in joy by a loving Father, saying, “Don’t miss this.”

Since that day, I have been praying a simple prayer out of that first song, saying, “Let my heart be awake. Awaken me to the sacred moments you are bringing to me in every day life.” At various throughout the past several months, I have heard a quiet whisper, sometimes in the most seemingly insignificant moments, inviting me to join the Father in a sacred moment—-to see as He sees, to love as He loves, to serve as He serves, to be present in the moment with Him and those around me. What a joy, what a privilege to join Him in these moments. May they be ever-increasing.

If my story has touched your heart in some way, I invite you to join me in this prayer. 

Let our hearts be awake.

I’ve included links within the song titles so that you may listen to the songs on Youtube if you’re interested. The album is also free on their website.