Psalm 23:3 - He restores my soul, by Bob Bevan

This world has a way of taking a bite out of our soul.

From the time sin entered the world with Adam and Eve in the Genesis chapter 3, we have never been whole since. Sin is a word we don't use much these days, but it just simply means doing things our way instead of God's. Have you ever tried to use a tool, an appliance, or anything for that matter, to do a job that it was not meant to do? I have broken many things that way.

Sin breaks things. When we do things our way instead of God's, it leads to a self-centered course of action that breaks things. From the moment sin entered the world, it damaged the first marriage relationship and has been damaging every relationship on earth from that point.

The fallout from that problem daily takes bites out of our soul. Look at the condition of families and the current state of our nation. Take a minute and reflect on your own heart and soul. What are the unsettled places? What got broken inside while dealing with people that never was properly reset to heal? What are the things that you mull over and over and cannot seem to shake? All of those things bring angst, worry, fear and anger to our soul (mind, will, emotions).

How do those knicks, bumps, bruises and broken places in our soul get repaired? We attempt to numb or deal with the pain with distractions, diversions, entertainment or any form of self medications. The same Creator that formed you inside your mothers womb knows how to restore and bring healing to your soul. Revelation 21:5 says that God makes all things new. He created you to be healthy and whole. Go to the Shepherd today and let him know what is broken. Invite him to come and do what only he can do by restoring your soul.

"Father, you alone can mend the broken places in my heart, my mind and my desires. I'm got you now to come and restore what is broken and what I cannot heal on my own. Thank you for hearing and helping."