I Believe I Can Fly, by Mike Lankford

I was running as fast as I could through the house with my Superman cape flying out behind me. I ran out to the edge of the front porch and jumped as hard as I could.  I landed in the grass about three feet from the porch. I had failed. As a six year old boy, I just didn’t understand what could have gone wrong. I had a cape just like superman did in the comic books, but I just could not fly like he could.

For years, men had desired to fly. They watched sparrows flitter through the air and eagles soar in the heavens. The winged creatures made it look so easy. But when humans tried it, there was always one drawback that stopped them: the law of gravity. The law of gravity is strong. People tried for years to overcome it. Many attempts were made by many people, some of which ended up in disaster.

But someone discovered another law. It is called the law of lift. The law of lift overcomes the law of gravity. It does not do away with the law of gravity, it just supersedes it. By using the law of lift, man was finally able to fly.

In the seventh chapter of Romans, the Apostle Paul describes the law of sin and death. He describes man’s great struggle to be free from this law— that when we try not to sin, we sin anyway and when we try to do good, we end up doing evil. That law of sin and death, just like gravity, pulls us back down.

Paul then groans out in verse 24, “Oh wretched man that I am, who can deliver me from this body of death?” I am so glad Paul went on to write the 8th chapter of Romans because in it, he states the answer to our dilemma. In chapter 8 verse 2, Paul makes the bold proclamation, “For the law of life in Christ has made me free from the law of sin and death.” The law of life in Christ overcomes the law of sin and death; it does not abolish it. Just like the law of lift overcomes the law of gravity, so it is with the law of life in Christ. The law of sin and death still exists and tries to pull us down, but we can soar above it through life in Christ. Through the law of life in Christ, we are free to soar above sin, evil, and the things that try to constantly pull us down.

There is a great freedom in Jesus Christ, and as we are in Him, we can know this great freedom. Praise God! I believe I can fly.