He is There, by Betty Blackwell

Yesterday during praise and worship we sang a song with the words, “This is my confidence He has never failed me yet. . .”

I wish I had a record button to instantly record the things I see. In thinking about these words as I sang them, I began to laugh because my confidence in God and who He is has been formed by the things I have experienced.

The following are pieces of a vision I saw and a little bit of dreaming with God:

He is as sure as the sun in the sky. Though there be clouds that cover its light, the sun is still there riding high and shining bright. Even if the storm rages heavy and dark through the day and into the night, the sun is still there in its place reigning high.

He is like the oceans waves in and out; the waters of the earth flowing deep even in drought. We may not see the rain come down and only the desert dry sands for a time, but we know the water is there underneath and He is able to spring up and refresh us.

Though there are times I have not known what He was doing or the why of all that was going on, He has always been constantly present. He was right there like the air, like the sun, He was like the water under the earth that is not seen until we tap into it with a well.

He is like the sun.

He is in the shadows even if we cannot see clearly.

He is in the troublesome times sight unseen.

He is.

When I have walked through the darkness of pain, fear, sickness, disease, cancer, heart attack, by-pass surgery, divorce, indebtedness, broken-heartedness, defeat, rejection, exhaustion, and discouragement of life, He was always there and remained close until I could see Him. I learned a lesson . . . He had been there all along. The next time I went through the desert, I knew He and the water were there . . . out of sight, but just as sure as the sun was above, He was there. When my next storm comes, He and the sun are as sure as light. They remain with me, just out of sight of my natural eyes.

So to choose to see with the Spirit and remember what He has taught me in every situation is the key.

Jesus never fails.

He will never leave me nor forsake me.

He will be with me until the end. He is the great I AM.

I AM . . . whatever you need.

 I AM . . . wherever you are.

I AM . . .  I was, I will be, for I AM.