Guilt, by Gaye Howell

“Guilt does not come from God.” I made this statement to someone the other day, which got me to thinking about the topic. As I was meditating on this, I heard Holy Spirit say, “Jesus took all our guilt upon himself at the cross. So why would God give you feelings of guilt, shame, etc. when Jesus already paid the price for it.” We, as Christians, know what Jesus did at cross, yet we still struggle with guilt. To walk in all the freedom that the cross purchased for us, we must demolish thoughts that produce feelings that hold our hearts captive.

The definition of guilt is: feeling responsible or regretful for a perceived offense, real or imaginary. God convicts us of sin to lead us to repentance and draw us closer to Him. Guilt and conviction are not synonymous. Guilt separates us and draws us away from God. Guilt leads us into bondage and torment. God is quick to forgive when we mess up and is not the author of guilt. Satan takes events and circumstances from our past and lies to us, causing us to feel guilty, sometimes of things that were not our fault at all! Lies are the root of guilt—lies that you are not forgiven or a bad person because you did or didn’t do something, and so on. Sin does open the door for guilt, but when we ask forgiveness, it is remembered no more.

What to do if you feel guilty:

If you’ve done something wrong, ask God for forgiveness. He will not hold the sin against you. Know and believe that you are forgiven. Replace the lie that you are not forgiven with truth—find scriptures of God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness, and meditate on what God says. If you feel guilty and you’ve done nothing wrong, the enemy is working to attack your thoughts, which produces negative feelings. Often, we feel guilty when we don’t meet expectations that are put on us by ourselves and others. Many times, these expectations are birthed out of traditions of man, fear of man, fear of failure, and etc.

Whether your guilt comes from something you’ve done or you believe you just didn’t measure up, ask Holy Spirit to reveal the lie that you are believing. Ask for forgiveness for partnering with the lie and ask Holy Spirit to replace it with truth. Truth will set you free. Focus on truth and the feelings will come in line. When we partner with truth, feelings of guilt will be replaced with peace, joy, happiness, and so much more.