Don't Set Aside Your Differences, by Mike Lankford

“I see, I see”, shouted the eye. “Seeing is what is important. If we don’t see, we will fall into the ditch together.” 

Then the ear yelled, “Wait, hearing is the most important thing. We must hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.”

“No, no” cried the hand, “You are both wrong. We all need to be like me. I am a doer. It’s not the hearing of the Word, but the doing that’s the most important.”

Much of the time, we in the body of Christ have operated like a dysfunctional family. We have not always acknowledged and appreciated each other’s differences. 

Jesus prayed, “Father, make them one as We are one”. One of the things that makes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit one is that they have their own individuality, but refuse to work independently without each other. The Bible says that Jesus was given the Spirit without measure, so He operated out of the fullness. However, we operate in part. When He ascended, He gave gifts to men. So He took what He operated in and divided it among us so that we would not be divided. 

The Bible says that God purposed to show through the church His manifold, or many-sided wisdom. Not any one person by himself can do that. 

In Corinthians 12, we read about different gifts, parts, callings, and ministries. The overall theme is individuality, but not independence. Each one of us, with our unique gifts, callings, and ministries, etc. has a part to do in the body. So don’t set aside your God-given differences, but learn to respect and appreciate each other’s uniqueness. Let God place us in the body as He sees fit and learn to work together as one. 

Don’t set aside your differences.