Prophetic Words

Slaves to Sin or Slaves to Christ, by Pete Spinks

There are a lot of negative feelings and emotions when people hear the word “slave”. Why is that? Well, for obvious reasons, we know why that word carries a lot of weight. But, what did Paul mean when he says that he is a slave of Christ? Hopefully in the next few paragraphs I can help answer that question. 

One Mind & One Accord, by Joshua LaCoe

What is unity? One of the definitions (of many) listed in Webster’s Dictionary really put it straightforward: the quality or state of being made one. So, what does this mean for our church? And what does it mean for the church as a whole? I believe prophetically that God is calling us into a unity that will carry on beyond the current season we are in at Living Word.

Football Players on a Baseball Field, by Mike Jones

What I understand from the vision is that Living Word Church is an Ephesians 6 church. They are a people that are well equipped and ready for an intense game, more challenging. The challenge, however, means that Living Word Church is switching to an unfamiliar model, one that doesn’t necessarily make sense given the normal framework of how things “ought to be done.”

2018: What is God Saying to You? by Jennifer Bevan

I want to share some of what the Lord has spoken to me during 2017 and the beginning of 2018 for this coming year. Some of these points have not completely unfolded and that is the beauty of discovery, that throughout the year, God will expound upon the words He has given you or even confirm, clarify, or reveal greater understanding.  Enjoy the journey!!

A Few Signs and Wonders, by Kim Farr

Holy Spirit speaks in many different ways and is always drawing us closer and deeper, revealing­­­ more of the Father and Jesus and their great love for us! If I am open to His infinite and creative ways, He speaks to me. Let me share some different ways I have experienced some signs and wonders.

Exhortation to Worship, by Greg Holladay

In the past few months, many of you may have noticed that something wonderful has been happening here at Living Word Church. With upgrades to the sound and lighting systems, deeper and deeper levels of worship have begun to emerge. A major part of this is that our worship team has become more and more anointed and intense, drawing out of some a steady increase in the intensity of our worship. At this point, I feel compelled to issue a challenge that should continuously increase the intensity of our worship to amazing levels. of what I like to call “reckless, undignified worship” (

Blessing and Cursing, by Evan Cockerham

A few weeks ago during worship, I saw a vision of a book being opened. I heard the Lord say, "I have given Living Word a book". I asked, "what is this book and what is written in this book?" He said, "it is my book of blessing which is connected to my promises. Will you read from my book?"

Every day we have the amazing privilege to read from His book of blessings and promises. In this book, we can see His blessings and promises for our lives and those around us.

He is There, by Betty Blackwell

Yesterday during praise and worship we sang a song with the words, “This is my confidence He has never failed me yet. . .”

I wish I had a record button to instantly record the things I see. In thinking about these words as I sang them, I began to laugh because my confidence in God and who He is has been formed by the things I have experienced.