Blessing In Receiving, by Jesi Shiffer

As Christians we are taught to give.  Give to that person, give to that missions trip, and give everything and follow Him.  Learning to give like this is amazing because we are blessing people with God’s never-ending love in the process.  In learning how to give, however, we don’t really learn how to receive or to accept the idea of receiving. Receiving is just as important as giving.  When we accept someone else’s gift to us we not only receive God’s love through that gift, but we are also allowing that person to give God’s blessing. When we deny someone’s gift we are robbing them of their ability to bless others and we are robbing ourselves of being blessed.

A few weeks ago Pastor Bob said, “one of the most difficult things we will ever do is give and receive the love of God.” As Christians, not only do we need to give but we need to be able to receive as well.  How are we supposed to give the Father’s love when we are not receiving it ourselves? We can try our hardest to give that love, but we will be giving out of an empty cup. To truly give the Father’s blessing and love we must allow that blessing and love to enter our lives.  We can’t give what we don’t have.

Sometimes we aren’t as fast to accept someone else’s blessing because it will make us vulnerable.  Vulnerability is a terrifying thing. If we get vulnerable, people will see that we really aren’t these perfect Christians.  This thought stems from the fear of rejection. If we aren’t perfect, then people might reject us. As Mike Lankford said a few weeks ago, “We, as humans, have a desire for approval and a fear of rejection.” Rather than concerning ourselves with the approval of those around us, we should be concerning ourselves with God’s approval.  When this fear keeps us from accepting someone’s gift, we disqualify ourselves from what blessings God does have. If we disqualify ourselves, we limit how much love we receive from the Father. Pastor Bob said, “God sends you 100% of His love, how much you receive is up to you.” When we disqualify ourselves, we are limiting God’s love for us.

Despite what season you are either starting or walking through I pray that you fully allow God to love you and that you are allowing God to use you for his blessings.