Be Available to the Quiet, by Charissa Barnett

Our American culture is loud. It’s busy. And sometimes, even in an empty, quiet room, we still cannot find rest due to the trampling of thoughts and to-do’s running through our minds. 

How do you try to find rest from a busy day/week?

A go-to for me is to try and be alone for a little bit each day. As a stay-at-home mom of 3 babies that are all under 3, that is a feat. But even when I do separate myself from the noisy atmosphere and can take a deep breath, my initial reaction is not to sit and soak, sit and listen for the Father to speak, or sit and rest (no to-do’s, no mindless social media, no comfort eating, no busyness to keep my mind distracted from the real issues in my life). 

True rest is restorative. A good way to gauge if you are choosing to be available to that kind of rest regularly is if you are walking away from your “down time” feeling at peace, realigned with purpose and vision that is greater than each following moment.

You are not finding true Sabbath rest if you leave that place of peace and the very next minor mishap throws you into anger, anxiety, fear, poisonous thoughts, or depression. Sabbath rest centers YOUR LIFE around God’s Will (“on Earth as it is in Heaven”).

So, if your life is not a reflection of God’s Will (that all things here on Earth should reflect the very nature of Heaven), then take a step back, because somewhere along the way you have chosen to neglect rest in your life. When you neglect rest, your life begins to unravel into chaos. I am not meaning to be dramatic here, but if you do not choose to see the gravity of the situation, you will bring destruction on yourself and others, all because you are not CHOOSING to be aligned with the Father.

In all transparency, the last couple of weeks I have felt tossed around by life’s waves, and I can see the effect it has on my family when I don’t choose to spend intentional time every day to rest my soul and place my life at the feet of Jesus. It negatively affects my children when I lash out in anger or frustration. It negatively affects my husband when I let a tiny oversight ruin my day instead of letting it be redeemed in the quiet place. 

I must remind myself often that for there to be peace in our home I need peace in my soul first.

Ya’ll, it is not easy, but we were not promised easy. I’ve found though, that when we make time for God to transform our lives, we have perspective to view the storms in our lives for what they are: nothing. They are nothing when they are weighed against our All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Ever-Present God. We weren’t called by God to just be tossed by the chaotic waves of life. He has called us to rest, to be still, and to let Him do the work as we press into Him (His thoughts, His ways, His being) and act in obedience.

How to find Sabbath Rest

For those of you that like steps/instructions, let’s be honest, we already know what realigns us with God.

• We need to take time to sit and listen, sit and let truth wash over us. If you feel overwhelmed just thinking about reading your bible then LISTEN TO IT! YouTube has audio bibles in almost every translation. Listen to Scripture, let it soak into your pores. Over time, I promise, it will change you.

• Pray for other people, ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel like it and are overwhelmed with your own life circumstances. It is possible to stir up empathy for others through intercessory prayer.

• Schedule time where you do NOT work. God created the Sabbath intentionally. All of creation needs to rest or it will deteriorate.

Ultimately, I want you to walk away being reminded of the importance of resting in the Father, and how from that place of rest you will be able to see every other area of your life with new grace, peace, patience, faith, and kindness.