A Few Signs and Wonders, by Kim Farr

I believe we experience signs and wonders more than we know. I used to think a sign and wonder must be something more obvious, but experience has taught me otherwise.

“Let There Be Light” (Genesis 1:3)

Holy Spirit speaks in many different ways and is always drawing us closer and deeper, revealing­­­ more of the Father and Jesus and their great love for us! If I am open to His infinite and creative ways, He speaks to me. Let me share some different ways I have experienced some signs and wonders. The night before I received the song I am about to share, I asked Holy Spirit to speak to me in a dream. When I woke up to a song, I immediately said to Holy Spirit, “You didn’t speak to me in a dream”, then immediately the song came back to my mind again. I said, “Oh, you waited until now to speak to me! You were singing this song over me while I slept. Thank you!”

Some mornings I will wake up with a song in my mind, and I haven’t heard the song recently to make me hear the song in my mind either, so it is a definite song from my Daddy. So, I got my coffee, sat down and looked for the song to play it, and then asked Jesus, “What do you want me to do with this song?”  Then I allowed the wo­­­rds to soak in, and as I did, I could feel Light and Life permeate my soul and spirit. At the same time, people kept coming to my mind and I knew I was prayer singing over them! How amazing is that? Here are the words to the song:


“Let There Be Light”
By The City Harmonic

“From the chaos You composed, a song that all creation knows.
You took a mess, You made life, You said, “Let there be light”
Word of God, from the start, re-creating human hearts.
Make us like the moon at night, a mirror of the Light.
With just a word set the dark to flight, sing to the world, “Let there be Light”
O, word of God, “Let there be Light!”
Cut through the dark, O, “Let there be Light!”
Come risen Son, in glory bright. Come word of God, O, “Let there be Light!”
We’re desperate for the break of dawn, to be warmed by risen Son.
Grace and Justice here collide, to keep us warm through the night.
With just a word set the dark to flight, sing to the world, “Let there be Light!”
O, word of God, “Let there be Light!”

Our prayers can be as simple as, Let there be Light! That Light breaks through all barriers; it can shift the atmosphere and change lives! Look what Father God did with those four simple words. If the Father created the whole universe with four words, what are my words creating?

There are endless ways to experience the love of the Father. Our senses were created to have intimacy with the Godhead. In a time of corporate worship, I was facedown with my eyes shut and I could feel Jesus’ presence so strong and then I smelled smoke. It was strange. I immediately heard Him say that He was pleased with the sacrifice of worship. Then another time, I smelled the fragrance of baby powder. When that happened, I heard Him say, “All things new, new birth.” I have discovered that when I turn off, so to say, some of my senses to experience one of my other senses, I can experience a new way of intimacy with the Godhead—kind of like when a person is blind, the other senses are heightened. Experiencing God out of the box!

Another way was in several visions where I actually felt Jesus holding me and co- laboring with Him hand in hand. These visions have so impacted me that I can still shut my eyes, focus on Jesus, and experience it all over again. Then another time, I was eating something in a dream and woke myself up eating and Jesus said, “Taste and see that the Lord is good!”

Yet another way Father spoke to me was that He woke me up several days in a row at 3:33a.m., and finally I asked, “What are You telling me?” I looked through the Word and came across Jeremiah 33:3, “Call unto Me and I will show you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Then I began a lifelong journey of seeing triple numbers all the time. The most common I see are: 555= extreme grace, abundance and favor, and 222= multiplication, complete blessing, and financial wholeness.

I’ve seen numbers and pictures, like drawings of messages from God for me and others. How about when Holy Spirit gently speaks to you and says, “Go share My love to that young man”, or “Stop and pick up that girl and share My love with her along the way.” There are signs and wonders all around us. I get so distracted sometimes that I miss the intimacy, the treasures. “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” (Proverbs 25:2)

I want to close with a scene from the movie, The Shack. The scene is where Mack is in the boat and the boat starts filling up with black slime and he is in a panic and fear. I believe that is a representation of the junk in our lives, stuff we hang on to (e.g. fear, worry, sin…), and Jesus comes up on the water and says, “Keep your eyes on Me.” When I do this in my own life, I get to experience, first and foremost, intimacy with Him, and the signs and wonders follow!