Kids Town Children's Ministry

Welcome to Kids Town!

Our children’s ministry equips, emboldens, and trains our children to live life as men and women of God while preparing them for their destinies. Our services include a variety of exciting activities, games, skits, and media to engage children and dive deeply into biblical truths. Each week we declare the practical truth of our identity in Christ, and we practice what we learn with in-class activations.

We are creating a culture in which prayer is normal and salvations and healings are everyday occurrences. We expect to receive dreams, prophecies, and words of knowledge from God to encourage the body of Christ. We are young, but we are powerful in Christ! Our passion for God can spark passions in others and spread until our whole city is on fire for Jesus!

Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. James 3:5b

Check out our current “Declaration” which we boldly declare each Sunday:

I have the mind of Christ, and He thinks good thoughts toward me.
I have authority over the enemy; I tell demons to flee, and they obey.
I am the righteousness of God in Christ.
I love others as Christ loved me.
When I go to sleep, I rest well and have God dreams.
I am being prepared for my destiny!

Ignite Youth Ministry

Who: Grades 6-12

What are we about?

  • Revelation – Encountering Jesus
  • Relationship – Community strength
  • Release – Take it out

Ignite Student Ministry is built on three things: having a personal encounter with Christ, living it out in relationship with others and taking it to the world around us.

We meet each week for worship and teaching and we also have special events in addition to services that include cookouts, game nights, conferences, and other ways to connect.

IGNITE Service is Sundays at 6:00pm. For more information, contact: Jessica Howell

FUEL Young Adult Ministry

Our mission is to call young adults into a radical lifestyle of loving God and loving people, and equip them in their individual purpose to bring heaven to the earth. We meet weekly on Thursday, 7pm-9pm.

For more information contact: Tina Richardson

Fuel is for young adults ages: 18-29

Lion Chasers Men's Ministry

Lion Chasers is for any man that wants to stay strong and grow. We meet monthly for Men's Breakfasts and other events. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Lionchasers Mission: Equipping men to fulfill their God-given destiny.

Core Values:
(1) To love God, themselves and others. (Matthew 22:37-40)
(2) To fight together with supernatural weapons.(2 Corinthians 10:4-5)
(3) To follow God successfully by relentlessly doing the very next thing He tells me. (Acts 8:26-40)

Women's Ministry

First and foremost, LWC Women’s Ministry exists to assist women of all ages in finding acceptance and love in the arms of Father God, help each recognize who they are through Jesus Christ, and help each one to discover her God-given destiny and purpose.

Furthermore, the ministry is designed to provide mentoring, training and discipleship and provide a place of community where women can connect with other women to share hearts and life experiences. It’s a place to come together to share, grow and learn from each other. We invite all ladies to come join us! We meet regularly throughout the year for various events and gatherings. Stay updated with what’s happening in the women’s ministry through our upcoming events page and by connecting with our LWC Women’s Ministry Facebook group.

Freedom Ministries

The foundation of Freedom Ministries is being transformed by the renewing of your mind, Romans 12:2. Freedom Ministries teaches you to experience the Father’s love every day! We define freedom as the ability to respond fully to God out of who He created and redeemed you to be. Let’s face it – everyone wrestles from time to time with spiritual roadblocks that obstruct the life of freedom Jesus came to give. Some of our obstacles are obvious and others can’t be seen clearly. Through Freedom Ministries, we’ll help you identify and remove those things that are hindering your spiritual growth and power. 

Whether you face personal obstacles in your spiritual life or want to grow deeper in Christ and in your ministry, Freedom Ministries is for you. If you are interested in Freedom Ministries, contact the LWC office at 423-339-3028, or see Pastor Gaye Howell.