Freedom, by Neil Thomason

This is a life story on how our enemies place life long, generational barriers in families . . .  and the way out. There is hope, and his name is Jesus.

It started with both grandpas. My mother's grandfather committed a criminal act in a drunken rage that left a lifelong family separation for her. As far as we know, he never gave his life to Jesus and repented of the act.  According to my dad, his father beat him at the drop of a hat and abandoned him and the family at a very early age. And so it goes . . .

Dad overcame a lot. He was saved and overcame alcoholism. He was a good man and believed in honesty and hard work. He was a good provider. But he raged . . . bouts of uncontrollable anger, offense, isolation, victim mentality and emotional scarring that he passed down to all his children. This wasn't normal behavior, but it was who he thought he was because he learned it early. All these unresolved anger issues contributed to his health issues. The thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy. He never came to this realization and repented of his complicity in this.  And so it went . . .

I was saved at 9 years old at a local revival. I have tried to live a Christian life. Working hard and trying to be honest were hallmarks of the way my parents raised me, but there was an undertow in my life that only grew as I got older. I became easier and easier to offend until unforgiveness ruled my heart. I continued to isolate my true feelings from others, even people who could counsel and pray with me. The bouts of rage and anger grew. I never hit anyone, but contemplating on revenge is as binding to your heart as acting on it.

But God . . . About 6 months ago I completely fell apart in a fit of anger over something very minor. I thought this was who I was. I thought I was just a victim of the actions of others. I had repented of this a thousand times, but I had never taken responsibility for my actions and receiving all of this into my life.

I began to repent of my actions and receiving this spirit of rage and all the offense that went with it. I had to verbally forgive all those people who had offended me. I could no longer use their acts as justification for my place. I repented for the actions of my parents and grandparents and declared that the blood of Jesus breaks all generational chains.

And it happened . . . the Word says that He will forgive you as you forgive others. I am able to walk at peace with God, with others, and most of all myself. I am no longer that angry, hidden, offended person, and I continue to believe and declare that same freedom on my children and grandchildren. It wasn't me. It was Jesus bringing me to a place where I could receive His finished work. I am free of this because He set me free . . . Amen.