Ask Me, by Tabitha Shumate

There was a prayer in my heart for about the past 6 years that I would lose the weight I gained with all of my pregnancies.  I struggled with it because I wasn’t into weight loss programs, counting calories, or eating healthy all the time.  I remember years ago talking with my friend Kylie, and how she lost her weight.  She had a significant breakthrough, and I knew there was something supernatural involved.  She said, “It was the grace of God.”  I knew the grace of God would play a part in me losing what I wanted.  For years, I would say to myself, “I know what to do and how to lose weight”, but didn’t know how to get started.  One year I lost 20 lbs., but then I literally gained it all back the very same year.  After experiencing that, I began feeling stuck and the prayer in my heart began to fade and I was going to let it go.  A couple years later, I was in a conversation with my friend Kim about a friend of hers losing weight.  I wouldn’t have thought much of it, until she mentioned how her friend was involving the Holy Spirit in her life.  She said her friend asked the Holy Spirit how much He wanted her to weigh.  He gave her the amount and He showed her how to do it.  Something in me felt it couldn’t hurt to pray this or ask the Holy Spirit, but I didn’t pray it right then.  I just set it down to wait on the right time to pray it.  I know that sounds silly to wait for the right time, but there was that “stuck” part in me that didn’t want to start thinking about losing weight all the time. 

One afternoon, I was driving my daughter, Esther, to her gymnastics class, and I felt an impression from the Lord that seemed more like a question than a suggestion.  He asked me, “So, are you going to ask me?”  It had been a month since I had that conversation with Kim, but I knew what He was talking about.  I was very reluctant because I was afraid of being disappointed – not by the Lord, but by myself.  So, I asked how much he wanted me to weigh.  The Holy Spirit spoke right away with a number.  I thought about it and realized that was the number I was at when I first moved to Cleveland back in 2000.  Then I realized it would be 40 lbs. of weight loss.  I asked the Holy Spirit why he chose that number, and He said, “Because you will be happy with that weight”.  I didn’t know how I would do that, so I let it go. 

Last August was a turning point in my life.  I was about to turn 40, and Jonnie and I were planning a trip to Hawaii for our 15-year anniversary.  I decided to lose 10 lbs. for the trip so I would feel better about myself.  I started working out and slowly quit eating many unhealthy foods.  I began seeing a difference and lost 10 lbs. in a month.  Then I realized I had to keep doing it to keep the weight off before our trip.  I made a decision that I wasn’t going back to my former weight.  My stomach began to shrink because I felt like the Lord told me I needed to cut back on my daily portion sizes.  More weight kept coming off, and I would push myself a little harder each time I worked out.  By the time we went on our trip in November, I had lost 17lbs.  I was actually thrilled about this number and kept focused on keeping the weight off, more of like a preventative measure. 

Last month, I weighed myself, which is what I did every other week.  The scale showed the number the Holy Spirit gave me a year ago!  I was pretty shocked.  I couldn’t have done it without the grace of God and without Him telling me the next step.  Until then, I had forgotten about that conversation with the Holy Spirit.  And He was right, I am happy with this weight.  I am grateful He gave me strength to keep pushing and to stay focused on how He wanted me live.  I have an attitude of eating to live, instead of living to eat now, and I feel like God has corrected my relationship with food, because looking back, it was a little reckless. 

He gave me this passage in Psalm 66:16-20 to share with you: 16 Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul. 17 I cried to him with my mouth, and high praise was on my tongue. 18 If I had cherished iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not have listened. 19 But truly God has listened; he has attended to the voice of my prayer. 20 Blessed be God, because he has not rejected my prayer or removed his steadfast love from me!

When God hears your prayer, His listening is also His answering and planning your breakthrough.  It has been an exciting journey, and I loved being on it with Him!