10 Things For a Very Bad Day, by David Gray

I'm going to give you some solid counsel and wisdom right now about some do's and don'ts for when multiple things hit you all at once. 

(1) Don't fuss and complain. It helps nothing. In fact, it usually just raises your level of anxiety, frustration, pain, whatever. (BTW - sharing with a trusted friend or loved one who can encourage, guide, pray, etc. is different to me than fussing and complaining).
(2) Don't play the victim. Everybody has junk that happens. Look around. Sure there are folks a lot better off, but there are tons of folks worse off. Both issues are irrelevant. They're not running your race. You are. 
(3) Don't compare and especially don't use Facebook as the measure of people's lives or happiness, nor use that to measure your own. It should more appropriately be called "faux-book" because it's not real life. You only see what others want you to see. Some folks only put positive out there. Some folks do not nothing but point fingers, gripe and complain. It's fake, folks. It's only one small part of the story. Doesn't matter - what they have and do has nothing to do with you. [#2 & #3 really go together].
(4) Don't over-react.
(5) Don't get overwhelmed. Slow down - look at your situation. Break it down into bite-sized pieces if needed. Handle what you can. Look and ask for help if needed. 
(6) Do pick yourself up, brush yourself off and face reality. Yes,I know it can be overwhelming at times, especially when it all comes at once, but all you can do is...deal with it.
(7) Do learn from your mistakes. You have to evaluate. How did I get here? What part did I play that brought me to this current situation - or all of these situations? Sometimes you did nothing. But, you can still learn from your current situation - how do I avoid landing here again?
(8) Do make the necessary adjustments to handle your junk - maybe one item at a time. 
(9) Move on with life. Your life wasn't all sunshine and roses before, and it probably wasn't all misery either (hopefully). Nor will it be either of those things going forward. Some things will get better and you'll have reasons to rejoice. Other junk will happen and you'll have reasons to be frustrated, discouraged, whatever. welcome to...life. Deal with it. Embrace it. Live it. Love it.
(10) Embrace the positive! It is there. You might have to look for it, but it's worth it. This is what brings life, hope, and joy.

Finally, for me, trusting, believing and praying to God is my greatest asset. End of "rant."